Parker Dump Station

Welcome to the Parker Dump Station’s scheduling page! Our business is run by 2 young entrepreneurs: Delaine and Paxton Wright. We charge a fee of $20 for a 30 minute block for you to dump your tank and rinse. We also have supplies and elbow grease to try to get all those miles of bugs off your lights. We are working out the kinks at our location as well as adding some cool features like a vacuum and an air pump over the summer.

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Here is the basic etiquette we hope you use at our facility:

1. Make sure to pull up close enough to a dump station for both your sewer and flusher (non potable) hose to reach. This will avoid the need to move the rig during the dumping process.

2. Germs: YUCK! We will provide you with gloves and some wipes. Please make sure you have tight connections with your hoses and caps. Only wash into the dump tray.

3. Dump your black water first, then your gray water. Use a clear hose fitting (if you don’t have one, they’re $8 on Amazon). This is helpful so you can tell when your black tank is empty and ready for the grey.

4. Maintain your gate valves. If your gate valves are not maintained, it can spread diseases and make your next trip very “memorable”.

5. Please try and make it as quick and clean as you can. We want to treat you like family so please treat our facility and the next patrons well with a quick, efficient, and CLEAN use.

6. Have the right equipment: hoses, connectors, elbows, extensions, etc. And NEVER use the freshwater for anything but filling your freshwater tank :)

7. We do have freshwater on the building side of the dump station, however, you will need to provide your own white hose. We will disinfect after every use.

We are just learning but hope to be pros soon and would love to hear about your trip!!

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