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Canopy/Garage Storage Parker 2017

Thank you all your business and for recommending your friends to us. We have made significant improvements to both the facility and to how we manage customers in 2017! We enjoy the kind words of appreciation that many of you have expressed as we meet you in the facility! As always if there are things we can do better or if you need anything from us please feel free to call or email us - We are very much available to you.



We are very excited about our 2017 - big things are in store. We are making a significant purchase and starting a very aggressive building project. We will be making available to our customers both fully enclosed garages as well as canopy covered parking for your boat/RV/trailers beginning in Oct 2017. We look forward to being able to provide this extra protection for your vehicles.




Our enclosed garages will be available in three sizes 40x16, 50x16 and 60x16. Our garages will have both the garage door as well as a man door on the side. We are going to continue our practice of angling the entry 30 degrees from the isle to ease your entry and exit.





Our Canopy spaces will be available in a wider variety of sizes. They will range from 15-60' long and all will be 15' wide. (The normal width of storage spaces varies, but the vast majority of our competitors is around 12' 6") Our canopies will be angled at 30 degrees to the isle and we will have a variety of back-in and drive through spaces. Many of our spaces will have access to trickle feed power to keep your batteries charged and ready to go.


If you would like to be placed on a notification list for either Canopy or Garage storage please email us at indoor2016@rvvault.com and give us your name, telephone and preferred type of storage. We look forward to your business in 2016!